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"Creating jewelry is a love affair where art is brought to life by the intimacy of its touch on the body. I am fortunate to create with materials that are radiantly beautiful, yet made even more beautiful through the transformation of the individual wearing my art."

Sydney Scherr is an award winning designer, goldsmith, sculptor, illustrator, and educator. Sydney moved to SE Asia in January, 2009, where she created the only Jewelry Design program on the college level in Malaysia. In 2013 Sydney left the college because she was invited to work with Mohan Subramanium and his team of Hindu metalsmiths to create a one-ton Silver Hindu Chariot - a rolling temple. In 2014 she returned to the college in Malaysia until late in 2017. She is now head of the Jewelry and Metal Arts program at Santa Fe Community College. Her other professional activities include teaching on the college level as Department Head and senior lecturer, international speaking engagements and teaching sustainable jewelry technologies to the survivors of human trafficking .

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