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These bracelets were designed and created for a gentleman and his sister, based on a comment their late mother often said to them: "Be a good bunny". This comment informed who they bacame as adults.

The lettering is a font I created. The brother lives in the Southwest. His sister lives in the Southeast. His sister is a fluffy white bunny surrounded by grass and flowers. He is brown desert bunny surrounded by rocks and cactus. In their personal landscapes river rocks and desert rocks are found.  I created each letter from a rock form, or two, to define the text and give it personality specific to these bracelets.

Cloisonne enamel, sterling and fine silver.


No commissioned piece is ever duplicated. However, I am able to envision other works  based on my clients own personal story. 

Allow 8 weeks for commissioned work, after your design is approved.

Custom "Be a good bunny" Bracelets

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