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From Talisman Series: Reviewed by Lucinda Brogden for Metalsmith Magazine


The  sculptural works are where Scherr takes the biggest risks and achieves her greatest success in uniting contrasting visual elements. More minimalist than the rattles, the sculpture is dominated by symbolic form and organic line. Precious and non-precious materials co-exist in a natural balance. Wood moves to the forefront in these pieces, playing host to enamel and metal details, which now convey content and message, rather than decorating or seducing with their beauty. Threads is the most imposing example of this. A single elongated spiral carved from sappelle hardwood, Threads is suspended from the ceiling so that it sways with a gentle motion reminiscent of the unfolding of new plant growth and symbolizing new life. The title refers to the four small panels of etched silver that encircle the wood just below the loop of the spiral. Upon close examination, the panels reveal threads of text and image that hint at the four seasons. Each one harbors a question pertinent to Scherr at different points in her life, while also translating to the general challenges faced by all humans as they take their own journey from childhood, through adolescence and adulthood, and into old age, and death.


Zebra hardwood, 24k gold, oxidized sterling silver, tiger eye

43 x 6 x 3: male

43 x 3 x 4.5: Femail

$4200 per each

Life Holds On

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