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Releasing Butterflies 5 is a new addition to a series that resonates deeply with me ~ this series of work is inspired by the young survivors of human trafficking I have had the honor to work with. These young women are radiantly beautiful, strong yet fragile. They are able to reimagine themselves and fly for a 1000 miles. But if you damage the dust on their wings...they may not be able to fly. Every time I worked with survivors I imagined releasing butterflies....and watched them fly towards their own brighter futures.

I was honored to present a TEDx talk about Alchemy Design Project which may be viewed on YouTube: TEDxAtlanta Sydney Scherr

This individual piece is also inspired by the gorgeous composition The Ecstatsies Above. Composed by Tarik O'Regan and preformed this summer by the Desert Choral. Listening to this music lifted me up and into light as expressed by the 3 plique-a-jour enamels.

A special thanks to Anton Brkic of Pixel images for his beautiful photographs.

Champleve' and Plique-a-jour enamels, Fine and sterling silver, sapphire and black diamond


Releasing Butterflies 5

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