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I am very honored to be the first and only women to have been invited by Mohan Subramanium to join his team of artists to create a one-ton silver Hindu Chariot. (Building a Hindu Chariot is the provenance of men, who learn this art from their fathers or grandfathers.) This Chariot, for the Deity Ganesh, has been designated as the finest example of silver Hindu Chariots in the world. Hindu chariots are traveling temples. It is the ony chariot with Cloisonne' and Champleve' enamels and these were my contribution.

Fine Silver, 24k and 22k gold, gems, cloisonne and champleve enamel. This commission awarded to Mohan Subramanium for Sri Ganeshar Alayam, a Hindu Temple, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Silver Hindu Chariot

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